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Welcome to London Animation Club


“I think it’s very essential that artists meet other artists… and we can have a good moan together.”

- Bob Godfrey, 2006

Animators' Zoom Party, 15th June 2020

Animators’ Zoom Party, 15th June 2020

Our last live event to date at The Green Man W1, 2nd March 2020

Our last live event to date at The Green Man W1, 2nd March 2020

London Animation Club used to be a monthly soiree for animators and people interested in animation but is now generally an online broadcast through YouTube, but still features live interviews with invited guests who screen their work. To keep the social side also going, we have introduced occasional Zoom parties.

London Animation Club was founded and is curated by London-based animator Martin Pickles.

Contact Martin at gmfilm @ hotmail . com

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London Animation Club as visualised by Dennis Sisterson.

Left to right: Francesca Pich, Catherina Rowland, Mal Hartley, Tom Lowe and Emma Calder – 

Hearts Loop by Steven Woloshen (2016)

Hearts Loop created for London Animation Club by Steven Woloshen (2016)


Turbine FestivalLACers Martin Pickles, Una Marzorati, Philip Green, Rosemary Norman, Stuart Pound, Steven Ball, Kate Jessop and Ben Fox at the Turbine Festival, Tate Modern, 25th July 2015. Photo by Esther Johnson.