Next event: Joan Ashworth at London Animation Club, Wednesday 4th April 2018

Joan Ashworth, filmmaker and former head of Animation at RCA, London will show examples from her career in filmmaking and commercials including BBC Idents, opening title for Tim Burton’s Batman 1 and her own films, including the multi award winning How Mermaids Breed, The Web and Mushroom Thief. She is currently in production of a creative documentary about the artist and campaigner Sylvia Pankhurst and she will show clips and experiments from this work in progress.


Joan is an artist/filmmaker/independent scholar whose animated films explore women’s rights, meadow swimming, gothic fantasy and fertility.

From 1994- 2015, Joan headed up the internationally renowned Animation Dept. at the Royal College of Art, London. She lectures internationally on Animation and Visual Writing.

Joan studied filmmaking at the NFTS and co-founded 3 Peach Animation through which she directed many commissions including the opening for Tim Burton’s Batman 1. Joan later co-founded Seed Fold Films and completed How Mermaids Breed inspired by Bronze Age Cycladic figures and the drawings of Henry Moore. In 2010, Joan completed Mushroom Thief. Joan has worked with and published on Animation Therapy, and worked with a team on Medical research looking at how animation can engage young patients in giving feedback on their health treatment.

Ashworth’s current project is a documentary film on Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and artist, exploring Sylvia’s relevance to contemporary issues.