London Animation Club Television

Test transmission, 5th May 2020

Test transmission, 5th May 2020, with guests Vivien Halas and Julia Seiber Boyd

Since the Lockdown, we have started live broadcasts through FaceBook and subsequently through the London Animation Club YouTube channel. They are hosted by Martin Pickles and produced by Tom Lowe.



Perils Of Perestroika Part 2, 19th July 2021

Opening Screening and Work In Progress, 26th April 2021

Zoom Group Screening 29th March 2021

The Perils Of Perestroika, 1st March 2021


Zoom Thing and Open Screening, 21st December 2020

Tom Sito, Live from LA, 14th December 2020

British Animation Showcase Fundraiser, 23rd November 2020

Joanna Quinn, 12th October 2020

Zoom Group Screening, 21st September 2020

Zoom Party and Open Screening, 3rd August 2020

Caroline Leaf, 27th July 2020

Ellie Land, 13th July 2020

London Animation Club Zoom Party, 15th June 2020

Linda McCarthy, 8th June 2020

H&B@80: Vivien Halas and Julia Seiber Boyd, 18th May 2020

Dennis Sisterson, 4th May 2020

Nude Triumphant live broadcast, 30th March 2020