Animation Battle Royale, 6th December 2012

The event was put together with three other animation groups from around the country: Show Me The Animation (in the South-West), Animation Forum West Midlands and All Animated (in the North of England). Helen Brunsdon of Show Me The Animation contacted me a few months ago to suggest London Animation Club host a screening of work by all three clubs. I was delighted and co-hosted the London Animation Club event with her.


On the night Helen Brunsdon and Vicky Brophy of Show Me The Animation and Kath Shackleton of All Animated were on hand to present and talk about their work.

This was also a wonderful opportunity for London Animation Club people to meet representatives of other animation groups from around the country.


In the end we screened three sections of twenty-minutes material by member of each club.


Helen Brunsdon and Vicky Brophy introduced this section. You can see a recording of them talking about their work here:

1. Pythagosaurus by Peter Peak

2. Kernel by Olly Skillman-Wilson

3. The History Of An Orange by Emma Lazenby

4. Shell & Paddy by Thomas Spettel and Joseph Hill!projects

5. The Man Who Was Afraid Of Falling by Joseph Wallace

6. Dub Of A Preacher Man by Rumpus Animation


Sadly, David Allen, the director of AFWM, was unable to attend, but instead AFWM member Daniel Llewellyn was on hand to introduce his film Sam McNally.

1. The Existential Pleading Of The Inner Heart: Pigeons by the Brothers McCleod

2. Small History by Tim Lozinsky

I couldn’t find this film online but here is a link to his Tag Walk page thing:

3. Sam McNally by Daniel Llewellyn

You can see a work in progress version of it here:

4. The Existential Pleading Of The Inner Heart: Occasional Agrophobia by the Brothers McCleod

5. The Magician’s Cat by Jared Rimos

6. Fragmented by Charlotte McCabe

You can see part of it here:

7. Being Dead by Richard Whillock


Kath Shackleton introduced this section.

1.      Children’s ITV Idents by by Zane Whittingham and Rozi Fuller with Animated Yorkshire (6 x 0’10”)

2.      Extract from Theory of (R)evolution by Mark Jobe/Quay Studios (1’30”)

3.      Eye Doctor by Jason Theaker/University of Bradford (3’38”)

4.      Spooky Sport by Fettle Animation (4 x 0’10”)

 5.      CBeebies Winter Interstitial by Kilogramme (1’13”)

6.      A clip of Dr Who by Firestep/Kilogramme (0’42”)

7.      Extract from Seen and Not Seen by Dan W. Jacobs (1’07”)

8.      La Campanella by Broken Pixel/Army Of Cats (1’58”)

9.      Skyhound by Chloe Rodham (1’20”)

10.   The Fat Cat by Mole Hill (0’54”)

Winner of the DepicT! award at Encounters this year, in wax on glass, by stop motion animator Mole Hill

11.   Super Fast Samosa by Sundeep Toor (1’28”)

 12.   Thinking Digital Ident by Bloom Studio/Lodat Gonpo (1’56”)

 13.   Vic Reeves’ Windiest Night Out by Alex Collier (2’04”)


The audience’s votes by show of hands made Animation Forum West Midlands the winner (with 16 votes) with Show Me The Animation second (with 12 votes) and All Animation third (with 6 votes).
The favourite overall film was 
The Existential Pleading Of The Inner Heart: Pigeons by the Brothers McCleod from the Animation Forum West Midlands programme.
My own personal favourite was Dub Of A Preacher Man 
by Rumpus Animation

We then showed a couple of new films by London Animation Club members:

1. Motherland by Mo Rahman (2011, 3’26”)

2. Ask Her Friends by Kate Jessop (2012, 1’16)

Thank you to them.

So, we had a fantastic and very diverse evening. Thank you to Helen, Vicky and Kath for presenting the screenings and to Mel for taking photographs throughout.

Our next event will be on Tuesday 8th January 2013. I look forward to seeing you then.

Love from Martin