Future Copyright Animation Competition, 3rd April 2012


MC Kevin Baldwin, winner Ben Fox, Future Copyright director Darryl Sherborne and myself

The big event was the screening of all the entries for the Future Copyright/London Animation Club animation competition and the awards ceremony for the winners. Our special guest was Oscar nominated animator Kevin Baldwin, who was also one of our judges.

John Fryer Kindly filmed the awards ceremony:

Arvydas Kizevicious also took photographs, which you can see here, and I have put some more up here.
You can also see all the winning films and competition entries as a complete programme on YouTube here.


So in the first section we screened all the entries in order of submission, which were:

1. “Grand Theft Folio” by Philip Green

2. “The Shield Maker” by Amer Nazri and Matt Osborne

3. “Mosaic Space Invaders” by Kate Jessop

4. “Mission: Play Griser” by Dexter Pickett

5. “Protect Your Creativity (The Hard Way)” by Rob and Vicky

6. “Strumming Guitar Girl” by David Retamero

7. “R’ndom 4” by by Arvydas Kizevicius

8. “TII” by Una Marzorati

9. “Wounds” by Benjamin Fox

10. “Ideas Change The World” by John Fryer and Sheila Jackson

11. “Nest Eggs” by Adela Pickles

Kevin then announced the winners who were:

First prize: David Retamero for “Strumming Guitar Girl” (winner of £300 and the John Lennon cel)
Second prize: Rob Munday and Vicky Dale for “How To Protect Your Creativity (The Hard Way)” (winners of £200 and the Paul McCartney cel)
Third Prize: Philip Green for “Grand Theft Folio” (winner of £100 and the George Harrison cel)
Fourth Prize: Benjamin Fox for “Wounds” (winner of £50 and the Ringo Starr cel)
Special Mention: John Fryer and Sheila Jackson for “Ideas Change The World”


The four winners (with Stuart Pound standing in for Rob and Vicky) each holding their respective Beatle.

We then screened all the winners again and, at Stuart’s suggestion, all the other entries as well.


For an encore Philip Green then screened more of his hilarious animated sketches, including three in the “Keith” series:


Rude History

Space Shuttle

Bomb Disposal

Keith Must Die – Pumpkeith

Keith Must Die – Star Wars

Keith Must Die – Rocket to the Moon

Grandma’s Bog

and to finish off Dennis Sisterson showed:
Advice For Hamsters (1997)
How To Be A Bad Pedestrian (2008)
The Secret Show Reel (2011?)
Thank you to everyone who took part, to Future Copyright for sponsoring the event, to our judges – Darryl Sherborne, Jane Moor, Vivien Halas, Laurie Hill and Kevin Baldwin – and special thanks also to Kevin for being our guest of honour and announcing the winners.