Chris Shepherd, 1st July 2014

Massive thanks should go to Chris Shepherd, who spoke at our event on 1st July. I simply can’t do justice to Chris’ talk in this write-up, so please just watch the videos, which were very ably filmed by Benjamin Fox.

Chris spoke hilariously about his life and work and showed a selection of his animations, sketches and live-action films. He is a brilliant speaker with the uncanny ability to laugh at the darkest things in life. He also illustrated that if you have something to say, it doesn’t matter whether you make animations, live-action films or TV sketches. He also treated us to a rare London screening of his latest short, the semi-autobiographical film “The Ringer” (2013).

The films he showed are:

Safari (1989, 2’27”)

The 43rd World Stareout Championship Final (1998, 4’21”)

ACMS Presents | Ep 2: The Bloody First Floor is on Fire Guys! (2013, 7’26”)

Who I Am And What I Want (2005, 7’30”)

The Ringer (2013, 16′). This is the trailer.

Dad’s Dead (2003, 6’42”)