Dennis Sisterson: Steam Strek, The 20th Anniversary Restoration, 5th August 2014

Producer Alison Leary and director Dennis Sisterson stand on the bridge of the USS Isambard.

LAC regular Dennis Sisterson came along to show his 20th anniversary digital restoration of his 8mm masterpiece Steam Trek, an hilarious reimagining of Star Trek as though made in 1905. Dennis also brought along the set, which made us feel we were on the bridge of a George Melies spacecraft, rather than in the function room of a London pub.

LAC regular Jodie Porter helps support Dennis’ hand-painted set.

The film was originally made by the Ad Hoc Film Society and is enjoying a new lease of life at Steam Punk festivals and events. Dennis had all the original 8mm rushes telecine-ed at HD quality and reedited it in keeping with the original VHS tapes. You can see the restored film here:

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