British Animation Showcase Funder title

23rd November 2020, online

A fundraiser event for our friend, artist and film curator Kerry Baldry, who has a long association with London Animation Club and has included work by many of its members in her ongoing One Minute artists’ moving image programmes.

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The event took the form of a Zoom event and screening and had an overall audience of 75, including viewers from Montreal, Tuscon, Germany and Austria. Many of the filmmakers were present and introduced their films. Kate Jessop, who has been the driving force behind the event, presented it and conducted the raffle at the end, which, on its own, raised £870. Tom Lowe produced and technically oversaw the event.

Kate drawing numbers from a hatSetlist

Here is the film programme, with links where possible:

Moomins In Space (2020) by Dennis Sisterson
Brexicuted (2018) by Chris Shepherd

Britannia (1993) by Joanna Quinn

G-AAAH (2016) by Lizzy Hobbs

Granddad Was A Romantic (2019) by Maryam Mohajer (excerpt)

Nude Triumphant (2020) by Leo Crane (trailer)

Knitted Horse Framework (2013) by Sam Meech

Trump Dreams (2017) by Ruth Lingford (excerpt)

Modern Queer Heroes (20202) by various, produced by Kate Jessop

Roughhouse (2018) by Jonathan Hodgson (trailer)

ORWO (2014) by Stuart Pound

Bob Godfrey introducing Know Your Europeans – UK (1995)

Know Your Europeans – UK (1995) by Bob Godfrey