Kevin Baldwin, Tuesday 4th September 2018

Cinematographer Alan More and Kevin Baldwin

Cinematographer Alan More and Kevin Baldwin

Kevin’s Bio
Born in the mean streets of Bermondsey, South East London and now a veteran of 35 years in the animation world, Kevin Baldwin started his career at the studios of Bob Godfrey. His first job was the children’s series Henry’s Cat. Written by Stan Hayward this went on to become a cult success winning a BAFTA and a Cable TV award in the process.

In 1993 a joint venture with Bob resulted in the short film ‘Small Talk’. This was to receive a Best Animated Short Academy Award nomination the following year.

Other work involving short films includes Know Your Europeans for producer John Halas, the series Monkey Dust for Talkback Thames and pet project The Loser’s Club.

Recent collaboration with actor/comedian Graham Fellows led to a promotional film for a projected series based on his character John Shuttleworth. This went out with his 2006 Fawn Again tour plus a short film about Oliver Cromwell called Oliver Cromwell’s Head in 2010.