Matt Linsley and “It’s Grimm Up North”, 2nd July 2013


The two threads of our last event were YORKSHIRE and TV PILOTSYorkshire, because that is where our special guest Matthew Linsley and myself are from and because filmmaker/curator Kerry Baldry plus two colleagues had come down from Hull that day; and television pilots because that is what Matthew was presenting and also what three audience members had brought along.

We also had FOUR premieres that night and a very healthy 25+ audience members for a hot July night.

Our special guest was Matthew Linsley, producer at Harbody Productions, who presented a full-length pilot episode of a an animated TV sitcom “It’s Grimm Up North”: a very, very black comedy. It is a remarkable piece of work and all the more of an achievement for being produced by a production team of only one writer-director, one producer and one animator. And we were particularly honoured by having the world premiere.


Matt Linsley as filmed by Alex Widdowson

I thought it was a very pertinent presentation as several of our regular animators are trying to get series of their own off the ground and this presentation and screening would be of particular relevance to them.


It’s Grimm Up North – Episode 1 (23′)– PREMIERE!



Kerry Baldry, Captain Zip, Kate Jessop and others

Sadly not all these films are available online! Please email me with a link if you want to add your film.

1. Learning With Pixie And Tim by Andrew and Thomas Hamblin – PREMIERE!
A pilot for an animated children’s educational series. This one was about what shadows are

2. Hong Kong footage by Jonathan Baker

3. Digitale Sanguine by Riffy Powerz – PREMIERE!
This marvellous live-action and animated music promo is like a “Take On Me” for the 21st century. Breathtaking!

4. Paper Signature by Stuart Pound

5. Shooting Loops by Stuart Pound – PREMIERE!
More experimental films from our most prolific filmmaker.

6. The Eye Of The Other by Alice de Bauran
A beautiful hand-drawn Surrealist film.

7. Pear Skins by Alex Widdowson
A pilot for an animated sitcom about Hoxton hipsters. Hilarious. It was co-written by LAC regular Joshua Kahan.

8. Kino London Ident by Alex Widdowson

9. Ultra Violent Junglist by Alex Widdowson

An amazing juxtaposition of ultra-electronic music with figure drawings on coloured post-it notes.

10. Animations for  ‘A Wondrous Place’ theatre production by Kate Jessop

Afterwards the grown-ups adjourned to the Blue Neon bar round the corner for shots. Perhaps we should make this a regular thing.

Thank you again to Matthew Linsley for coming all the way down from Newcastle to talk to us and to Alex Widdowson for doing the filming.