Mikey Georgeson on 2nd April 2018

Mikey plays guitar

Mikey Georgeson (born 1967) is an artist and musician, working in an assemblage of media, making up what he defines as aesthetic machines. Audiences of his band David Devant and his Spirit Wife will be familiar with the aesthetic machine’s atmosphere of creativity. He explains that the idea of these modular spaces of felt understanding is partly his response to the increased propensity to place art in representational or psychoanalytical frameworks. “Due to a life with hearing loss, my relationship to meaning is often not what I hear but what I feel. My hearing loss creates a tapestry of linguistic flows as I fill in the gaps and reinvent phrases through the shifting repetition of day-dreaming.”

He is studying for a Doctorate in Fine Art at UEL where he also lectures in Contextual Studies. In 2016 he took part in a Festival of Georgian culture at the Shakespeare Theatre Gdansk, using song and performance to explore striation and national identity. His painting “Dopamine molecule of intuition” was exhibited at the John Moore’s painting prize. In 2016 he created a song-film with Turkish and UK artists for the Istanbul Design Biennale “Are we Human?” His film the Deadends was shown as part of the ICA’s 100 years of Dada and The Nonbifurcatedman at the Athen’s Festival of Digital Art. His installation Actual Occasion is part of the Dogon Egg transpersonal community entanglement project at the Amp Gallery Peckham.


Rachel Gomme performance at Actual Occasion Feb 2019