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Paul Bush on 13th September 2016

Paul Bush 13th September 2016Paul Bush, Emma Calder, Stephanie Griffiths, Rosemary Norman and Stuart Pound
Paul studied art at Goldsmiths and made experimental films for many years before turning to single frame work in the early nineties. Since then he has received world-wide recognition for a number of films including stop frame animation of objects (Furniture Poetry) and people (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) which have influenced a generation of animators. He has combined film-making with commercial projects and teaching, at the National Film School for many years and also at Luzern University, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin and Harvard in the US.Paul used this opportunity to talk about his creative process and about the practicalities of getting a film into production. Taking his most recent film ‘The Five Minute Museum’ as an example, more than ten years between conception and completion, he talked about his latest work in progress, ‘Laughter and Forgetting’, at Arts Council funding for animation, European co-productions and no-budget film-making. The films he screened on the night were:1976 Three Men1994 His Comedy (extract)

1995 Still Life with Small Cup

1999 Furniture Poetry (extract)

2001 Jekyll and Hyde (extract)

2001 Making of Pas de Deux de Deux (extract)

1990 Lost Images

2012  Babeldom (extract)

2015 The Five Minute Museum

2016 Borderline (WIP extract)

five minute museum002

The Five Minute Museum (2015)