Queer Animation with Kate Jessop and Leo Crane

Monday 3rd June 2019

Award-winning Queer Animation pioneer and LAC regular Kate Jessop presented a special programme of Queer Animation she had curated, followed by a Q&A with fellow animator and collaborator Leo Crane. Kate was keen to point out that she had focussed on comedy rather than misery porn. Kate and Leo both sported “I’m so queer I shit glitter” T-shirts, which is a line from new Tales From Pussy Willow episode Queerer Than Thou.

Kate’s film programme included:

1. Queer Heroes 

2. Manivald by Chintis Lundgren:

3. guy_101 by Ian Goldstone

4. The Night Cleaner by Blair Fukumura (private video)
5. Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat by Kate Jessop:

6. Not Every Princess Needs A Prince by Alexandra Carson

7. Saint Of Dry Creek by Julie Zammarchi

8. Open Recess by Amy J. Xu

Kate and Leo’s Q&A:


Kate is a multi award-winning animation filmmaker who has exhibited extensively internationally including representing the UK in the Best of Women and Film in TV, being a Virgin Media Shorts finalist and Berlinale Talent Lab participant. She is the creator of Tales From Pussy Willow: an edgy, poignant comedy series that cleverly picks out both funny and shocking elements of homophobia, misogyny and contemporary British life.


Leo is an award-winning animator who combines traditional fine art techniques with expert digital skills. He produces and directs independent short films for cultural organisations, festivals and exhibitions. He collaborates with other artists and film makers in animation and technical production and has worked on commercial projects across consumer, construction and creative industries.