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Rob Munday on Tuesday 4th October 2016

Rob directing Jump Cut Geff
Rob directing Jump Cut Jeff (2016)
On Tuesday 4th October, our guest was the very modest London-based animator Rob Munday, whom many of you already know as he has been a regular contributor to London Animation Club since about 2010.
Rob described himself unfairly as not an animator, despite many of his films (Teddy Goldblatt most notably) having clearly been made using stop-motion with cutouts on an animation stand and his latest having been drawn in felt pen.
Teddy Goldblatt (2010)
The screening was an opportunity to see the continuity and development of his ideas and technique: principally, a wonderfully absurdist sense of humour and a liking for visual anarchy, cutouts, found images, eclectic voiceovers, and, in particular, sausages.
Rob Munday at LAC
At the same time there were a number of intriguing counter-examples which went in a completely different direction. Lady.Moving.Train.Man. is an assembly of those random fragments of Super 8 film which always came attached to film spools when they came back from Kodak; and John Cage’s Musicircus (a particular favourite of mine), which is a live-action memento of a day’s random peformances of the work of the eponymous composer. Please stop what you are doing and watch it here: 

The evening was fun, informal and engaging, very much in the spirit of London Animation Club. Many thanks to Rob.
Here is the running order of the films he showed, which he kindly supplied me:
Felt-Tip Attack
Teddy Goldblatt –
Lady.Moving.Train.Man –
Ask An Animator
Protect Your Creativity (The Hard Way) –
What is a Man? (which will be showing at the next LSFF)
Mechanically Recovered Chicken –
Rousseau and the Salmon Man
John Cage’s Musicircus –
Here is Rob’s website:
and his animation showreel: