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The Brothers McLeod on 1st November 2017


On 1st November Myles and Greg McLeod presented a wonderful evening of films, punctuated with ads for their books and a quiz in which audience members won prizes, as long as they raised their hand before answering.

They showed us many of their greatest hits, along with lesser-known work, a live-action documentary to which they had contributed interstitials and even a taste of a work in progress (an exclusive). The variety of the work was very impressive. They even described how one of their films was made in ten hours. They were consummate performers and the room was filled to capacity.

Here is their introduction:

And here is their setlist:

1. 365

2. Phone Home

3. Codswallop

4. Snjor

5. Nowhere Room

6. Z Space

7. Disney XD ident

8. Billy (a different episode as the one we showed isn’t online)

9. Bernard’s Brain Dump

10. Sticks

11. Homer’s Odyssey

12. The Existential Pleading of the Inner Heart part 1

13. The Existential Pleading of the Inner Heart part 3

14. Pickle