London Animation Club Zoom Thing, 21st December 2020

Image: Deer In Winter (c 1950) by Maud Lewis

Image: Deer In Winter (c 1950) by Maud Lewis


The event was heart warming in the midst of this December lockdown and spontaneously became an animation surgery, from advice for funding applications (“Don’t call it a film, call it a moving image piece!”) to recommendations on animation software (e.g. how do you rig using Character Animator?).
David Viley from Exploding Cinema was there to tell us about the next event in January:
We screened some films. I showed a sequence of an animatic I’m doing for my new film Word Of Bob.
We showed Stuart Pound/Brian Esterhazy‘s Oh No, Not You Again (2010):

Dennis Sisterson showed How Animated Cartoons Are Made (2018):

Suzie Hanna and Jude Cowan Montague showed The Hidden Meanings In Music Hall Lyrics (2020):
Marie Lloyd 3
Kate Jessop and Ni Smith both showed new, unreleased films
Unfortunately there wasn’t time to show Dennis‘ new feature film epic Moomins In Space.
Happy Christmas from London Animation Club!