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London Animation Club Group Show

On an extremely warm and muggy evening, we screened a selection of recently completed films as well as many works in progress. These group screenings prove so popular that I will try to do two a year.

Group Show 4th July 2018

The filmmakers, including, left to right, Rosemary Norman, Stuart Pound, Tara Purnima, Brogan Ashleigh Jones, Anna Smirnova, Daria Maka, Steve Roberts, Philip Sanderson, Alex Widdowson, Jessica de Leeuwe, Mario Radev, Rob Munday, Claire Desenclos and Ged Haney

In a London Animation Club exclusive, we also did a video crit of Max Hattler’s new work in progress, the abstract film Matter And Motion. Being based in Hong Kong, Max was unable to attend but I got our audience of filmmakers to offer advice to camera.

The screening was structured in such a way that the first half mainly consisted of comedy, figurative and hand-drawn animations and the second half experimental, abstract and documentation films. To bring things full circle, we also started the screening with one stop-motion plasticine-animation and finished with another.

Soapboy still

Soapboy (2018) by Age Jurkenaite, Anna Smirnova and Daniel O’Connor

Here is the playlist:


Ode To Sid (2018), a stop-motion comedy with plasticine figures by Steve Roberts

Eddie And Winston – parts one and two (work in progress), a comedy two-hander animated in Flash by Ged Haney

Dog And Ball (2018), a hand-drawn comedy animated in Flash by Dennis Sisterson

Park Dance (2018), stop-motion with plasticine figures by Claire Desenclos

Tales Of The Tribes: Peacock Story (2015), a hand-drawn folktale with AFX animation by Tara Purima

New Light (CSM, 2018), hand-drawn animation by Brogan Jones

The Mouse (2018), hand-drawn animation in Flash by Slurpy Studios

Soapboy (LCC, 2018), hand-drawing, paint and collage animation by Age Jurkenaite, Anna Smirnova and Daniel O’Connor

Nobird (2018), a filmpoem by Stuart Pound, with text and voice by Rosemary Norman

The Girl In Question (work in progress), hand-drawn in TV Paint by Ruth Lingford

Jessica de Leeuwe - Oceanus

Oceanus (2018) by Jessica de Leeuwe


Matter And Motion (work in progress), an abstract animation by Max Hattler

Typist (2018), an experimental animation by Philip Sanderson

Music And Clowns (2018), a hand-drawn animated documentary by Alex Widdowson

Oceanus (2018), a film poem by Jessica de Leeuwe

Poplar Pavilion (2015), a live-action documentary by Rob Munday

Points Of Entelechy Showreel (2018), documentation of a performance by Mario Radev

Points Of Entelechy (2018), documentation of a performance by Mario Radev

Thought Emerging From Matter (2018), an experimental animation by Ben Fox

Porcelain Heart (LCC, 2018), a hand-drawn animation by Daria Terenteva

Pebble Dot Dash (2018, excerpt), an experimental film by Philip Sanderson

Tales Of The Tribes: Abotani (2015), a stop-motion folktale with plasticine figures by Tara Purima

In the intermission I screened a new 16mm film-transfer of my 2014 animation The Curtains Of Zagra, which was made by Patrick Beveridge at The Film Press.

Thought Emerging From Matter

Thought Emerging From Matter (2018) by Ben Fox